Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TV for me?!?! Really?

I am not a TV person. I have never in my adult life had a show I "had" to watch. I have always thought it was stupid when people taped shows or had to go home to watch it. I also think PVR's are ridiculous. You seriously need to watch that TV show later??? It's that important in your life??? TV has always been something that my significant other has forced me to do in order to spend time with them. I find it extremely boring and usually can only sit still for a mear 20 minutes or so.

I love background TV. I turn the TV on when I get up in the morning and just leave it on the channel it is on. It could be left on that channel until My Paddy changes it in the evening when he gets home. Right this second I am practicing this. LOL I turned the TV on about an hour ago...and I am watching...(let me look)...oh!!! 18 Kids and Counting. LOL Very interesting. This family has 18 kids???? Holy crapolla! That's alot.

This fall I have fallen in love with some shows. I am still not at the point where I need to tape them or anything...but I like them and actually will sit and enjoy watching them. These are my top 3 shows right now.

The clothes alone in this show are amazing!!! I have always loved Christina Ricci and she is sassy and fab in this one!!! Sundays are a good night! {sigh}

This show is so naughty!!! I don't usually care for this dude...but is pulls it off in the show. I love the bunnies...what can I say???

This lady is crazy!!!!! I want to be able to remember everything!!!! :)

What are your favorite shows right now???



Velvet Tangerine said...

I'm also loving Pan Am! I was watching The Playboy Club too but it was canceled after three episodes :/ We'll never know what happens!

Shelley Sarina said...

Your not serious???? REALLY?!? That's terrible can that be... :(