Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY ~ Headboard

Today I have another DIY for you all! :)
When I posted our new bedroom photos, I promised to do a tutorial on how to make our headboard!!!
We don't have a fancy bedroom set, and to be honest, as nice as they are, they are way overpriced. Plus, you know me...I love mismatched and vintage.
Anyhoo...I made us a new headboard to finish off my bedroom makeover. :)


~ sheet of plywood cut to the size you want for your headboard. {I made mine go from the top of our baseboards right to the curve in our ceiling, then about 6 inches wider on each side of our bed.}
~ thin piece of wood to put on back as supports for hanging later
~ foam
~ durable fabric 
~ staple gun and staples
~ drill
~ buttons {optional}

STEP 1: Get your DH {Darling Husband} to cut you plywood to the size you would like. 

 STEP 2: Lock your puppies in jail when he is playing with the saw cord LOL

STEP 3: Mount the smaller pieces of wood {I used 1 x 4's} on the back for easy hanging later.
STEP 4: Lay foam over the whole board so that it wraps on either side a little. 
STEP 5: Cover the whole board and foam with your fabric stretching and stapling it on the back. 
STEP 8: Get you DH to hang your headboard!!!! :) 

STEP 9: Enjoy your new padded headboard! 


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