Friday, September 2, 2011

Outfit Post ~ Sa-Sa-September!!!

Happy September Everyone!!!!
Only one more week off for me, then the dance studio is open for the year again! I am super excited!!!

Yesterday I wore this outfit out and about to do errands and go get my passport renewed. I thought I would take my pictures in my garden with my JUMBO sunflowers! These things are MASSIVE and they don't even have flowers yet!!!!!!

{on a side note - can you believe how long my hair is?!?}

I absolutely adore being in my garden. We dug a huge new garden along our back fence for privacy and I have done lots of weeding and planting keeping it nice. I am VERY lucky that my beautiful neighbor and close friend Maryse gives me flowers from her garden to plant!!!

My jeans are sorta homemade. I do this alot with jeans...I make holes and sew patches on them. I would say this is my favorite pair of jeans It is a close call between these and another pair with patches :)

I got this cute top at a flea market one Sunday recently. I love the tie in the front and that it is so airy and breezy! It has a cute little lace detail on the shoulders and is baggy and flowy.

Thanks for stoppin' by! I will be at the Brockville Farmer's Market tomorrow all day so keep your fingers crossed for good weather and lots of sales! :)


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I'm Jenn said...

Those sunflowers are amazing! Love your outfit too!