Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Answer Me This

Ya!!!! New segment on Hi. I'm Messy. :)
I love it when bloggers post readers questions and answer them!!! I have been thinking about trying it myself for a while. So, if you have a question for me you want answered...just either leave a comment or email me. Also, please follow mw either with Bloglovin' or Google!!! {BTW I love Bloglovin' - it makes it so easy to read and see all your blogs you love tp read!!!}

Here we go:

1.   My favorite color is Bright Green or Burgundy
2.  My travel destination of choice is HOTSPOT: Jamaica FOR FRIENDS: Ireland ADVENTURE: Peru {sorry can't pick one!}
3.  My favorite  food is zucchini pie and Nerds Rope
4.  My happy place is my craft room when it's clean and organized! LOL
5.  My favorite saying is "Weaver's wobble, but we don't fall down!!!"
6.  My dirty little secret is Isn't the point of a secret not to tell? Why broadcast something like that over the Internet? 
7.  Something friends might say about me is that I have a lot of idiosyncrasies and I look much younger than I am. LOL


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I'm Jenn said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Your blog is really cute!