Saturday, July 2, 2011

Outfit Post ~ Lily Pads and Antique Stores

Ta da! I did an outfit post again!!!! So proud of myself. LOL AND, I even worked up the courage to ask My Paddy to take the pictures for me so they are MUCH better!!!

{See?!? Better photos! YAY Paddy!!!!}

My Paddy and I made the decision to move to a small town because we wanted to be able to shop local and canadian, more importantly locally owned and operated. So, we spend a lot of our time trying not to go to Walmart/Superstore/Home Depot because we don't want to support them!!!! But...I was there with a girlfriend the other day because she needed to stop before she drove me home, and I found this dress!!!!

I love the 80's retro vibe of it and the straps are removable!!!! Can't beat that! Plus, it was only $9.99! You know me, Cheapy McCheaperson so that caught me right away!!!! Last summer I brought a really nice maxi dress from Walmart in Calgary before we went to Europe. I never look in their clothes section!!! :)

I wore this outfit on a day trip to Smiths Falls to do some garage sale and flea market shopping with my boy. We got some good buys...but thats a whole nother post! :)

On our little drive we found this little gem of a spot! It is a little water damn and park area and was quite pretty with all the lily pads! We saw a frog and a snail too! LOL It was so hot and sunny today, honestly the best day to do some serious shopping.

It is so exciting this summer because I bought so many cool and unique items last summer in's like all new stuff again! YAY!!! Loves it!

How did I do on my pictures??? heehee


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Rachel - Firebird said...

Hello Outfit Post location twin (albeit on different continents!) That is fantastic, it does look exactly the same!

I adore that dress, the print is fantastic x