Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Lot at The Shop

Hey Guys!
I have been a little MIA this weekend due to the Brockville Farmers Market and the repercussions...LOL
I did absolutely amazing at the market for my first time. I sold a lot of Bitchy Bags and an Upcycled bench I had made. Plus, a whole bunch of little stuff...some cards and bracelets etc. So, now this weekend I have been frantically flea market searching for more furniture to upcycle!!!! So fun! Anyways, I am adding stuff to my shop today so you should head over to take a peek! But here are some highlights...

There's lot's of great stuff at the shop right now, but if you come and visit me at the Brockville Farmer's Market on Saturday's between 8am and 1pm there is always deals, draws and fun going around at my table! :)


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Velvet Tangerine said...

Congrats on the sales!!!