Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday. Blah.

I am so low these days. I don't know what has gotten into me. I have gone back to negative - hate my life- Calgary Shelley and I don't like it. {sigh} It just seems to feel like everything is not going right today.

Even the weekend kinda sucked. The weather was terrible up until Sunday and our Housewarming BBQ got rained out. We ended up getting about 23 people but nobody ate anything and now I have burgers and buns coming out of my ying yang. Also, no outside time makes people leave earlier. But my closest (and coolest) friends Jody & Joe and Jamie and Chris stayed till the wee hours drinking and laughing till we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore. LOL Good times had by all. Oh, but of course I was so busy drinking and eating, I forgot to take photos....{sigh}

But...on a happier Etsy shop is doing REALLY great!!!! Thanks for everyone's support! We are shipping a huge shipment of my Upcycled candle sticks today and I am so excited! They went so fast I didn't even have a chance to show you guys!!!! I love these and I have a whole bunch more I bought this weekend that I will do this week. So, watch my Etsy shop ~ I have also just posted lots of new goodies from the best ever garage sale I went to on Friday night!!! It was amazeballs. 

That's it...hopefully I'll have a card tomorrow,

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