Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June, June, June...

Hello Everyone!!!!! GUESS WHAT!?!? I am featured on Pretty Zoo in her bite size interviews! You have to check out this ladies blog! She is stellar and oh so sweet! I love the soft colors of her page and she has some amazing ideas. 

I’m sorry there has been no crafting. But the weather is so beautiful and I just can’t convince myself that I should go inside and craft in my hot muggy room when I can sit on my deck with a Kokanee. 
LOL I will try tonight, but I can’t promise anything. LOL

But since it is June 1st…I thought I would share with you some things I am really looking forward to this month…

~ No dance so I have my evenings free! 
~ Giant Freezies from the ice cream shop down by the river
~ Planting my new garden
~ Trip to Watertown, USA to go to Target
~ Finally getting my sewing machine out and get back to making my own/altering my own clothes again
~ Planning our getaway to Connecticut
~ My REAL Greek sandals I bought last year in Olympia, Greece
~ Garage sales and Flea Markets Galore!!!!!

Can’t wait to show you all what I buy and do this month…hope you’ll come back and enjoy! What are your plans for June?


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rosieposie said...

i saw your post on zoe's blog and came to check yours out, i love it!!! and am now following you