Friday, May 20, 2011

FAVES ~ Freckles, Freckles and MORE Freckles...

Blogging is something I never thought I would do. Girlfriends have talked about it over the years and I kinda laughed at them (on the inside of course). I have always not liked the Internet because ANYONE, ANYWHERE can find out ANYTHING they want about you. That's disturbing to me. But, after the YFH (year from hell - also known as 2010) I needed cleansing and needed to make more time for myself. We moved and that's when I decided I needed to hole heartedly do the things I am passionate about - for myself. I have been experimenting with all sorts of different craft mediums. Of course right now it's blogging, cardmaking and painting. Plus gardening is creeping into the top 3 fairly fast here. Once I had so many cool things, I needed to share them since I didn't know anyone in my new town. Thus came Shelley's Craft Room.
I have figured out that with my blog there are so many other types of blogs out there. Who knew there was a sea of people out there that love vintage finds, flea markets and up cycling like I do?!? Who knew and didn't tell me?!? LOL I stumbled upon a BEAUTIFUL blog and BEAUTIFUL person in my new blogging adventures. 
Her name is Kyla Roma. Now I don't know Kyla, nor does she know me...but I bet if I did know her...we'd be besties. HA! (If she ever reads this I'm sure she'd be a little creeped out right now!) Her blog is AMAZING!!!! It has everything I could ever dream of. Beautiful images, cool ideas...AWESOME links. She finds/has/gets the most awesome vintage finds around. She can make anything look beautiful. The clothing ideas on her website are to die for...that's what I wanna look like in wish for life, not frumpy and dishovelled like I do in my real life. LOL I just love her ideas! Kyla is part of a group of kids called Freckled Nest Design.
These are some cool ladies. So talented and each one unique. If you need a blog custom designed, going by their blogs - they can rock it! Check them out!!!! 

Anyways, that's my Faves #2 for ya...Enjoy!


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Thanks so much for the sweet complements! =D