Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY ~ Dandelion Puff Painted Mirrors

I have had these mirrors forever and didn't think I could do much with them since I only had two.
Then I realized I shouldn't be so structured...I could do a set of something instead of a trio.

Sticking to my usual artistry...

two square Ikea mirrors
light green, dark green, white and brown acrylic paint
mini paintbrush
dry flat and fat paint brush

Unwrap your mirrors and place them side by side in front of you.
Make sure they are perfectly lined up so your artwork works at the end.

Paint two slightly rounded lines from the bottom left corner using light green.
These are the stems.
Let dry a minute.
Using dark green do a line on one side of the stem.
Using white make a line down the center of the stem.

Using your small paint brush start fanning out small strokes in a circle to create your puff at the top of each stem. 
Use the dry bigger brush at the edges to make them more transparent and fluffy looking.
Add more white to the center area if needed.
Also add a small amount of brown for the center.
Work it into the white.

Paint white lines, some a big curved in all directions. 
All different sizes, lengths and widths.

Hang side by side :)


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