Monday, May 13, 2013

DIY ~ Upcycled Hoop Earrings

I just replaced my silver hoop earrings, but didn't want to throw my old one's out...I mean...they still work!
Here is what I did to spruce them up!

hoop earrings any size or shape
embroidery floss
hot glue gun

First pick your thread colors and plan what pattern your gonna do.
I used bakers twine on one set and 3 colors of floss on the others.

Start at the end with the clasp on it.
Put a spot of glue and attach the end of your floss.

Start wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.

To add another color just end one color with a glue spot and cut it, then start your new string in the same glue spot.

That's it!


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