Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY ~ Colored Rice

I really wanted to have a pretty way to display all my DIY jewellery at the farmer's market every Saturday.
I have a huge white tray, just needed something to put in it.
Here is how I made the coolest colorful rice!
food coloring
clear hand sanitizer
large ziploc bag
paper towel
First take your rice and dump it in your ziploc bag.

Now add a few drops of food coloring in whatever color you desire.
Now ad a few squirts of hand sanitizer.
Zip up your bag super tight!!!
Shake shake shake shake!
Shake until all the rice is coated and has an even color.
Now lay to dry in the sun on paper towel.
Once completely dry it will be a wicked color and the color won't come off on anything!
So cool, it's like a science experiment!

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