Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY ~ No Sew New Years Clutch

It's the end of my Twelve Days of DIY's. :(
Have you enjoyed yourself?
Did you make some lovely Christmas presents or were you inspired to make something else?
Please share!!!
I thought since I have had so much fun, and such a fabulous response...
maybe I should keep going??? LOL
I have more DIY's I can't wait to share with you, so starting tomorrow this segment will now be called...
(drum roll please...)
Twelve Days of DIY's Continued!
Today's DIY...
No Sew New Years Clutch!
hot glue gun
old antique broach or earring
magnet clasp
place mat

First fold your place mat twice into even sections - as shown.

Glue the outside edges just in the middle section.
Both sides.

Glue your magnet clasp in place.
Add your broach or embellishment to the outside.

I did a strip of velvet blue ribbon around the whole thing, then added a vintage broach
Ta da...
Pretty fancy shmacy eh?

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Emmett Katherine said...

this is a very unique idea!