Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY ~ Bobby Pin Earrings

Onto today's DIY.
Bobby Pin Earrings!
black bobby pins
acrylic craft paint
clear coat
super thin wire
earring hooks
First count out 9 bobby pins twice.
Place them on a old piece of cardboard in 2 clumps.
Pick your three colors of paint and paint the design of your choice.
After the first coat, space out your bobby pins a little.
Do three coats of paint with the bobby's separated. (Use your first coat as your guide)
Once completely dry, push the bobby pins back together.
Clear coat.
When dry take two pieces of wire approximately 2 inches long.
While the bobby's are still on the cardboard, fish the wire through the top and twist them above in the middle.
Add an earring hook and your done!!!


1 comment:

Krista Lynn said...

Those are super cute!! I love the color and design!