Friday, December 14, 2012

Chuck Norris Gets a Parcel

Last week Chuck Norris got the biggest box in the mail.
He was so excited...
Doesn't he look pumped?!? LOL
The parcel was from a puppy swap we entered a while ago!
We sent some stuff to a lovely blogger, and a different lovely blogger sent Chuck some stuff!!
So a big thank you to Dianapantz for all these lovely gifts!!!

We got some lovely healthy doggie treats that Chuck loved, a roll of doggie bags, this awesome neck warmer that is so perfect for chilly dog walks (already worn it a few times too!) and lastly, quite possibly the most amazing dog toy ever.
I have not seen one of these before.
They are indestructible...seriously.
Chuck can get anything apart and eaten.
Not this bad  boy!!!
It's called a Jolly Boy, and I literally have to pry this thing out of Chucks mouth to go to bed.
He is in love with it.

Thanks again Diana :) Your the bestest!
Love Chuck Norris
(and Messy too!)

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