Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekend In A Nutshell ~ November 23rd - 25th

This weekend was super fast and super productive!!!
I got almost all my December DIY posts started and organized!
I have some super exciting projects for you all and starting December 1st and I will be sharing one a day for 12 days!!! :)))
Saturday I had dance and I took some cookies in for the kidlets cause they have been working so hard!
My assistant Emma got one too :)
Sunday, Tally and I made breakfast and then I spent the day with my bestest neighbor friend at a Craft Show.
It was at the dance studio and we had tables side by side :)
 Sunday night Tally and I ate a yummy chicken dinner and rearranged the furniture in my living room :)
Happy week to you!

1 comment:

double crochets said...

Love the picture with the girls and cookies!!
can't wait for the diy's to start!!
Good luck!!