Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend In a Nutshell ~ October 12th - 14th

I had a very busy, yet lazy weekend.
Odd...I know. LOL
Friday night I worked at the Boarding School.
Me and the ladies painted our nails and Itzel gave me a beautiful braid in my hair.
We also watched the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake in it.
Yeah....he's hot.
Saturday I had dance and my juniors started their jazz dance to "Call me Maybe".
So cute!!!
Saturday night Tally and I went to the Drive- In movie theater in Kingston!
So fun!
We ate loads of junkfood and sat in the back of the van with lots of blankets!
It was sooooo cold out!
We watched Looper and House on Silent Hill.
Sunday...legit did nothing.
Well, I did a lot of baking.
Apple pies, apple brown betty, cake pops.
It's so fall-y here now...the leaves have all changed and it's windiy and chilly.
I love fall.
All in all....good weekend.

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