Friday, May 25, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Dominican Republic

Since I have finished my European travel adventure, your gonna start to see some relics around here :)

In 2007 I went to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
I really enjoyed it there, the weather was a bit to rainy and the food wasn't amazeballs...but I did meet some really good friends there :)

The architecture was crazy. Beautiful buildings painted wild colors but they were so run down!

Church doors had these amazing mahogany doors with beautiful intricate carvings.


We took this old rickety tram up this huge hill.
I was so flippin' scared cause the power kept going out and we would just hang and swing forever!!! LOL


This was our tram guy...
Thanks for not letting me die tram man. xoxo

There was a stunning castle I toured around too...

Lots of tourists there so didn't stay long...

I would like to go back to Dominican.
I am trying hard to go in January for the J's vow renewal.
I have my fingers crossed.


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