Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Outfit Post ~ Hello New Sweater?

I got this new sweater for only $10 from Urban Outfitters!
I absolutely love that store.
I can't wait to have a new place so I can decorate with their home decor stuff :)
I had some errands to do the other day which included visiting my friend Justin, mailing one of my special cards to a dear family friend and going to see the movie 21 Jump Street! (Pretty funny)

I felt super cute today.
At first I wasn't sure I could pull off this color, but now that I see it in photos...
me likey :) LOL

The weather has been so beautiful too, which just makes my day!
I even had time to take Chuck Norris for a huge long walk by the river and to do some knitting outside on the deck :)

Good day all around!


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Rossie said...

knitting? you do knitting?