Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Faves ~ Four Eyes Rella (& a little Uncle Tim)

Have you guys met this chick???
I adore her.

She is so.....herself.
Says what she means, takes no prisoners, keeps it to the point.

I love her blog because this girl is in my home town.
She writes about local stuff, crap that bothers her and the art scene.
I feel connected when she posts pics of amazing graffiti and cool tats.

Growing up my Uncle Tim was a Tattoo Artist downtown Victoria.
{He is still an AMAZING artist - check him out here}
Even when I was underage he used to let me come in and hang out with him and the guys.
I'd watch them draw, cringe at the loud sound of the buzzing and we'd eat lunch like I was a cool kid.
I was so clean cut and naive about that world, but the colors, the art, the lifestyle - fascinated me.

They were all covered in tatts and I wanted to try and draw everyone of them.
{I really regret not getting a tattoo by my Uncle when I was younger and of age. LOL}

Keep up the wicked views of my favorite parts of town Rella, your blog makes me feel inspired and happy.
I need happy right now for sure. :)

Thanks for the pick me up everyday!

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Anonymous said...

She seems awesome!! I'll definitely have to go check her out!

Ps: I finally posted the 7x7 that you tagged me in! Thanks again!