Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Olympia, Greece

After our "all inclusive" experience, we got back in our tiny little Fiat and drove all the way to Olympia.

This is the place where the birth of the Olympics happened. The Olympics happened every 4 years starting in 776BC and they were to honor Zeus. :)
The original site is so amazing.

It's an unbelievable feeling to stand right in the middle of the huge arena.
So quiet - peaceful.
The wind blowing in your hair, it felt like the first open area I had been in EVER. (which is not the case obviously!)

The ancient ruins and so cool to see and touch.
Some stuff you could tell exactly what it was supposed to be,
some looked like rocks. Hahaha!

The town of Olympia itself is very small and really only has two major roads.
We stayed at a quaint boutique hotel with a fabulous pool up the hill.
Amazing view!

The lady who ran the hotel was so sweet!!!
There was no laundry anywhere in town and the hotel didn't have laundry either. She did all our laundry for us in her own home washing machine!!!!
So sweet of her!

On our last day we bought her this beautiful flower as a 'thank you" gift for being so kind to us!

Love that lady!


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psychelyn said...

That's a great adventure. I've always wondered about Greece. Thanks for sharing pictures.

Anonymous said...

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