Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY ~ Porceline Painted Mug

I saw a post about this DIY here on Pinterest.
I would love love love to do a whole bunch of dishes, but thought I would give it a test drive first.

Again, trying to recycle and reuse stuff I have, I used a mug from my cabinet.
I got this Sharpie at Michael's and the sales lady promised me it would work better than the porcelain pen.
So, here we go.

STEP 1: Decide what design you are gonna do. I picked the circles because my mug already had these little raised dots on it.

STEP 2: Shake your pen really well then hold down the tip with your finger until black ink appears in it.

STEP 3: Have at er!!!!

STEP 4: Enjoy you super cute mug :)

This was super fast and easy!!
I can't wait to do more stuff. Maybe I'll do a whole New Life dish set!!!


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1 comment:

Melissa said...

Love the mug! I'm terrible at drawing but circles might be something I could handle :)