Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY ~ Shoe Bling!

Hey Y'all!!

I have a cute little DIY for you!
I have been seeing these cute little clip on's for shoes all over the place and decided that I could make those myself!

I went through my stuff because again, I'm trying to use all my old craft stuff and found a bag of different colored and shaped jewels.

So, here is what I did...

- Jewels of all shapes and sizes.
- clear glue
- black cardstock
- black felt
- clips or coils
- scissors

STEP 1: Lay out your jewels in the pattern you want to make sure you can get it even and the same.

STEP 2: Cut out two circles of black cardstock just a little smaller then the size of your jewel design.

STEP 3: Glue your jewels on to the cardstock.

STEP 4: Attach your clips or coils. I used coils and I bent mine a bit so they attach better. I just stuck them in a huge gob of glue and let it dry.

STEP 5: Cut out circles from your black felt. Cut a small slit in the center for your coil to slip through. Glue down to back of cardstock.

STEP 6: Once all dried, clip on the front of your shoes and ENJOY!!!

 Aren't they super cute! I paired them with my new Upcycled Heels I made recently!!!


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