Thursday, December 1, 2011


Dear Winter:
Why haven't you started yet? Not that I am complaining...but I am in utter shock AGAIn this year. :) Thanks Loves it.

Dear Reindeer Bum Baskets:
What happened to your middle? You are both missing one strip of wood right down the center of your bellies. Did you guys fight in the garage all summer? Do I need to seperate you next year??? Brothers! Sheesh!

Dear My Dance:
You are going to hurt me hard the week before Christmas. {sigh} Full work days all with private lessons? I'm crazy...but very happy.

Dear New Magic Bun thingy.
I adore you. You make my hair bun look like a professional did it everytime. I love that it looks like a donut when rolled. Thank you for making me feel like a real life ballarina everyday.

Dear Yulltide Fair:
I'm not going to ask you to be good, because all the other times I ask Craft Fairs to be good they are terrible. So....... be bad.

Dear Mom:
I miss you right now.

That's all folks! :) Happy Thursday - for the first time we had frost today! :)


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