Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dear Windstorm:
For future reference, I would prefer for you to only come on nights my Paddy is home. I don't enjoy being the one who has to stay awake to see if our roof will blow off.

Dear Toledo Craft Fair:
Please let us make mucho money so I can buy some Christmas Gifts and paint my kitchen lime green.

Dear Regis Philbin:
I will miss you. I think your creapy funny. In that old man/grandpa kinda way.

Dear November:
You are a pointless month. You are in between too good months and I feel bad for you. I here by dub you my new Favorite Month. Love, Your Friend Messy

Dear Ontario:
It is super duper lame that Remembrance day is not a stat holiday here. You should follow the cool kids and give it to us off like the rest of the provinces.

Happy Thursday Y'all!

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