Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY ~ Battle Shots Drinking Game

Thank you Jimmy Fallon.

You are officially my hero.

Jimmy had on his Late Night show one of his crazy games called Battle Shots. 
It's basically Battle Ship with shots. :)
Every time the opposing player hits your ship, you must drink that shot.

I decided I NEEDED this game.
So, I made myself a version that I could fold down and take to friends houses.

Here is my Battle Shots game...

large box or piece of cardboard (I used the box my new TV came in)
4 x poster board (I used two blue and two white)
Sharpie Marker
Thin rope or twine
Glue or double sided tape
Velcro squares
Plastic shot glasses
2 x thin cardboard sheets
2 x Poker chip sets
1 x Yellow poster board (optional)
4 x Red foam Sheets(optional)
Alcohol (to drink)
If using a large box flatten it to one large piece by cutting one of the corner edges. Make four equal parts and bend the center two areas to make a peak.
Using the twine make an 8 inch gap to make a sandwich board type peak. This will make the back portion of the game board on an angle.
Cover, on both sides, the bottom and top pieces in poster paper. 
Trim edges to match the size of your cardboard game board.

Measure and draw your grid according to the size of your game board. I did 2.5 in squares. Your total grid size will be 7 x 7. You are making the same grid on each size bottom and top. Don't forget you will need room to write your letters and numbers.
Draw your grid and go over it in Sharpie. 
Down the side write 1 to 7. 
In between the upper and lower grids, write A to G.
Take your poker chips and put one side of the velcro on each piece. 
You will need 18 reds total and as many blacks as you can do. 

On the upper portion of your board, the top grid, put the other side of the velcro pieces, one per square. 
Now to make your boats!
 You will need:

2 x four shot boat
2 x three shot boat
2 x two shot boat

On your cardboard sheets measure each one out. So, the two shot boat needs to span two spaces, 2.5+2.5=5inches. Measure 5 inches on your cardboard and make a leaf/oval type shape.
Using a plastic shot glass make the two (3 or 4) circles on top for shot glass placement.
Now this part is optional...
I cut out "Bottleshots" from foam paper for both sides and mounted it on an explosion type design behind it. :)
But you can decorate however you want!

Only other thing you need is alcohol...
I made some home made bailey's to go with mine!!

Each player places their 3 boats on the bottom grid either horizontally or vertically. (No angles allowed)
Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.
Player 1 picks a space out load. Example: D4.
Player 2 says whether that spot hits one of their boats or not.
If a hit, Player 1 sticks a red poker chip in the D4 space on their upper board; Player two must drink that shot!!!!
If a miss, Player 1 sticks a black poker chip on their upper board.
Now it is Player 2's turn.
Must sink all of the other Players ships to win!

This game was the highlight of my weekend!


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Unknown said...

This is AWESOME! and a great tutorial as well! Thanks for posting this. I'm definitely making this as we speak! Lol